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    Prevent Disaster with Passive Fire Protection Services from Ceasefire

    As Sydney’s top passive fire protection company, Ceasefire can provide holistic solutions for protecting any property from potential fire hazards. Having worked on several impressive projects and delivered outstanding results to each and every one of their clients, read on to find out more about how Ceasefire can help you fire proof your home or commercial property.

    The team at Ceasefire are a highly trusted group of trained professionals. They are able to meet all of the necessary Australian standards with their services while simultaneously delivering excellent customer service. The Building Code of Australia (BCA) outlines the regulations that each property has to abide by. The Ceasefire team are experts in helping your building meet the necessary standards for legal reasons and also for your safety. Whether you are in need of assistance with a new construction build, a restoration, or simply a repair, Ceasefire can provide you with actionable safety strategies.

    The company offer a range of essential services that create a holistic fire protection and prevention strategy. You can go to them for services such as structural steel installation, duct fire protection, vermiculite ceilings, fire seal and penetration installation, fire and smoke barrier installation, firespray and fyrewrap application, and more. All of these procedures are devised specifically to reduce the amount of hazards present in a building. Fires are something that are not uncommon, but they are preventable. With Ceasefire, you can have the confidence that you have taken the necessary steps to minimise the risk of disaster as much as possible.

    Available 24 hours a day and qualified to deal with projects both big and small, the Ceasefire team are one of the most sought after in NSW. They are known for working on major projects, such as Sydney Football Stadium and Sydney International Airport, as well as for their continued dedication to smaller projects too. Each member is highly trained and specialises in the installation of fire safety equipment. Their expertise allow them to quickly identify any potential risks and implement the necessary preventative measure. Their guidance is invaluable if you are managing a major or minor project. Their attention to detail and excellent communication skills gives all of their clients peace of mind.

    With a network of subcontractors, affiliates, and more, there is no problem too great for Ceasefire. They are committed to finding the best solutions for your property and have a flawless success rate when it comes to working with their customers. The knowledge, skill, and friendliness that they possess is what has made them the top passive fire protection service in the Sydney area and beyond.

    A fire is a devastating event that can destroy your life in only a matter of minutes. When building or repairing a property, take the opportunity to understand and implement the safety measures that are available to you. Talk to the team at Ceasefire and have professionals do everything in their power to prevent fires on your property.





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