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    Should you pursue a career in finance?

    Finance is an attractive industry path for many people since it offers some of the highest salaries of any profession. If you can demonstrate skill at your chosen sector in finance (or multiple at once), you stand to generate a large amount of money for those you work for/with and yourself.

    However, this is a crowded industry with many competing players. You need to think carefully about this before you decide to dive in.

    To be successful in the world of finance, you need to have a quick grasp of numbers and also know how to interpret their meaning quickly. Anyone can use a calculator, but it is your job to see the bigger picture where others can’t.

    You also need to have a lot of willpower and determination to succeed in finance. It is a cut-throat industry where your competitors won’t play nice with you if they can get away with it – you need to be equally as ruthless (without breaking the law) to succeed.

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