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    What are the top 3 jobs in finance?

    Finance is an industry that encompasses a wide range of different career paths. The following will look at what the top 3 jobs in finance are.

    1.   Financial planner

    Financial planners are people who are employed by individuals/companies to help budget on their behalf. They look at all the money being spent/being earned and make a determination on what the best path forward is.

    2.   Banking

    Banking remains one of the cornerstones of the finance industry as we know it and therefore still has a lot of lucrative opportunities within it. There is a growing trend in the offering of specialised services to clients that suit their specific needs.

    3.   Private Equity

    Private equity is all about facilitating investment for start-up businesses or for a business that needs capital for major growth. Managers in this space are some of the highest-paid in the world.

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