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    Top 3 causes of stress whilst travelling

    Travelling can be stressful, especially corporate travel, which can make it seem arduous and boring. These are 3 things take cause stress whilst travelling.

    1. Flying

    Whether you have movies, magazines, food and your seat can tilt back, flying will always feel awfully uncomfortable for the majority of people, and if you are flying constantly for work, it can get old really, really quick.

    1. Different time zones

    Flying between countries can throw you off your sleeping pattern and your biological clock will be all out of whack. This can cause you to feel tired, uncomfortable and ultimately, stressed.

    1. Unfamiliar environments

    The sudden shock of going to a foreign environment can cause anyone stress. Unfamiliar streets and signs, and possibly even a language barrier can make things very complicated and complexity is a precursor for stress.

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