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    How travel will change post COVID19

    COVID19 has completely disrupted the flight, travel and tourist industry and brought the world to a complete standstill. Entire industries which rely on travel have been completely devastated, and the way we travel post-pandemic will surely have been changed forever.

    Whenever the travel industry starts to return, the trips booked will inevitably be closer to home, as traveller preferences will be to places with smaller crowds and within close range to home, as the fear of the virus still looms in the back of the mind. Destinations which are reachable by car are seeing a boom in popularity, rather than those reached via airplane and airports.

    In addition to this, hotels are advertising sanitization and cleanliness, which will become an increased trend in the future as the industry recovers. Although it is exciting to think about travel soon, the reality is it will be a while before any travel can be endorsed, and before the world is ready to continue operating as usual.

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