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    The Top Beauty Treatments You Need to Try

    With a number of beauty enhancement treatments available to try, it’s important to know which ones are worth the money and which ones will be best for achieving the look that you desire. While some enhancements can be done subtly to give you a natural glow, others can be done more dramatically to really boost the glamour of your look. Depending on what you are looking to achieve, these are some of the best beauty enhancements that you can try.

    #1 Eyelash extensionsA woman getting eyelash extensions as a beauty treatment from a beautician.

    One of the most popular beauty enhancement treatments to try is undoubtedly eyelash extensions. This treatment can be customized to your liking and will suit anyone, from the more natural-looking to the more glamorous. The process involves tiny false lashes being applied to your existing lashes in any length and material that you desire. They last for approximately 5 weeks and are a lifesaver. If you often find yourself far too busy to apply false eyelashes, or you find that the process is simply too hard, eyelash extensions will be your new favorite thing. Wake up ready to go with glamorous lashes every single day, no makeup necessary.

    #2 Keratin treatmentA woman swishing her hair with keratin beauty treatment.

    Keratin treatments are extremely popular for anyone looking to straighten out unruly hair. Keratin smooths the cells of your hair to create gorgeous hair that is much more manageable for you. Reducing frizz and adding a glossy shine in one simple treatment, it’s no surprise that a keratin treatment is the go-to for anyone who is looking to achieve a slick, straight-haired look.

    #3 Eyebrow tintingEyebrow being brushed and tinted beauty treatment.

    Whether you have big bushy eyebrows or don’t have much to work with, eyebrow tinting is an essential treatment to try. Eyebrows can often be the secret to transforming your look as they frame your face and emphasize your beautiful bright eyes. Eyebrow tints can be done as subtly or dramatically as you like and are expertly done to bring out the natural color of your hair in a more defined way. Great for filling in any pesky gaps or creating more shape for your brows, eyebrow tints are a simple and effective process, why not give it a try?

    #4 Laser hair removalA woman lying with glasses on getting laser hair beauty treatment.

    No matter where you need it, laser hair removal is a lifesaver for anyone who suffers from ingrown hairs, hates the pain of waxing, or simply doesn’t have time to shave! The innovative lasers zap the hair follicles to thin them out and eventually stop them from growing altogether. While a course of treatments is necessary, by the end of it you will be 100% smooth and hair-free. With summer just around the corner, this is one treatment that you don’t want to miss.

    #5 Cosmetic tattoosA woman lying with her eyes closed as her face is held and she gets a cosmetic beauty tattoo.

    A step up from an eyebrow tint, cosmetic tattoos are quickly becoming one of the most popular new treatments on the market. Available for darkening eyebrows or even for applying a line of eyeliner on your eyelid, cosmetic tattoos remove the hassle of applying makeup every day and will have you ready to step out the door at any given time. Completely safe and easy to do, many are turning to these tattoos to save them a whole lot of time and effort!

    #6 Semi-permanent hair dyeA woman getting her hair dyed as a beauty treatment.

    While not a particularly new treatment, the world of hair dye is continuously evolving. If you are looking to change up your look a bit, hair dye is a fun and easy route to take. Ranging from semi-permanent to permanent, the amount of commitment you want to make to the new hair color is entirely up to you! Talk to your hairdresser to find out what options are best for your hair and get ready to step out as a brand new you.

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