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    Why entrepreneurs fail

    Many more people are turning from 9-5 jobs to entrepreneurship. It is definitely appealing, being your own boss and working for yourself. However, entrepreneurship commonly fails, and there are several reasons why.

    The first reason is lack of focus. Being an entrepreneur means you must always be focused on your vision, your goals. Keeping directed and attentive is highly important to keep you interested in what you are doing.

    The second is thinking you are the only one in the market. You must realise you have competition. A lot of entrepreneurs will start out thinking they are the only ones in the market. You must realise there are competitors out there and learn from this to be better than them.

    The third reason is lack of funds. Starting a business has a high cost, and you must be willing to sacrifice funds to get it going. Capital is the most important thing you can have when starting a business.

    These are some reasons why entrepreneurs fail.

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