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    7+ Amazing Websites to Visit Every User

    In the world, so many amazing websites are there and we know about some useful websites but not about all so today I will explain 7 Amazing Websites to visit Every User.

    In our day to day life, we use so many websites it may be to read the news or to calculate a percentage or something else.

    If you are interested to know about 7 Amazing websites then Read the full article.

    If you don’t want to share your email when you signup on third party sides then this one is the best site for you. The main function of this website is you get a random temporary mail for 10 minutes and the best thing is you use that mail for any work i mean for sign up or fill-up the form on the 3rd part sides. You got a simple interface to fee free to use.

    2.PDF Drive

    If you are a student, employee, or housewife this website will be useful for anyone who reads books. Pdf drive is a website where you get all types of latest ebooks.

    Consider you want to learn Java then definitely you need a java Book to read and understand all concepts of java then you are at the right place because you can download any book for free from Pdf drive .

    Are you a photographer or designer and you take much time to remove an image background then you are wasting your time. is a website where you remove any image background easily or we say with on click.

    You think was it real, yes it is real. uses AI ( artificial intelligence ) to remove your background. Now the question is who can use this website then the answer is anyone. If you are a blogger or a Digital marketer this website will save so much time for you because you can remove any image’s background and create a special design.


    If you are a digital marketer or a blogger then this one is the best website for you because you get numbers of free images and videos. Basically, bloggers need eye-catching images to create a featured image for their blog posts and pixabay gives quality images.

    The best thing about this website is you don’t need to give credit to any image you download from pixabay. Mostly this website is useful for YouTubers and bloggers. If you want to download quality images then you visit

    If you are a student then you definitely need diagrams, graphs, or charts to add into your project or ppt sheets then this website will simplify your work. Most of the time we use Microsoft office to create graphs for our work but some times we use other computers in an emergency. In that time we use to create a Graph, Chart with using drag and drop function on the website.


    If you are interested to learn Web development like html, css or js then the beast website is because you get all lessons of web development is available on this site. In W3school you get all theory lessons with dedicated practical lessons. Personally, i use this site to learn Html and CSS.

    Are you feel lazy to type on your computer then this is the permanent solution for you. Basically, this website takes the access of your mic and use it to type on screen. When you open the website you see a blank page there and a start button is available on the bottom of the page.


    To start writing with voice command on dictation we need to click the start button available below. After clicking start you need to speak the paragraph and the word will type automatically on the screen. It gives different language options to write on it.


    If you are a app or software user and want to search an alternative of that then you use In this website you got a search bar where you need to put the application and your work is done. Now you get all alternative apps list.

    As a example if you want alternative app of shareit which is a best mobile sharing app then you just open this site and search shareit then you get a list of alternative app.

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