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    How Outsourcing to the Philippines can boost your CX

    Look to outsourcing providers in the Philippines, and you’ll find the advanced technology to transform your customer experience (CX). The Philippines is one of the top countries for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) that allows companies to make up for any deficiencies in their customer experience or technological expertise. The nation is consistently ranked as one of the world’s largest and leading outsourcing destinations. Even while enhancing the customer experience, the BPO industry in the Philippines helps companies of all sizes cut down on costs, with award-winning outsourcing providers such as PITON-Global leading the way.

    Many companies are continuing their goal to up the experience for current and future customers. In this age of social media, bad customer service is always revealed by aggravated customers. If your company isn’t actively making CX a top priority, it’s time to catch up, before you have a scandal on your hands. Luckily, you don’t need to waste much time looking for the solution. Outsourcing to the Philippines and PITON-Global are the answer.

    Outsourcing providers in the Southeast Asian nation often have access to and understanding of superior technology like AI and chatbots, which can efficiently serve customer needs while freeing up time for employees to work on more complex tasks. While automated helpers take care of routine tasks, your team is better equipped to handle unique customer service issues to deliver satisfaction in every interaction. The average age in the Philippines is 23, ensuring that your customers are assisted by the demographic most comfortable when immersed in technology.

    When it comes to call centres and voice-based services, outsourcing companies in the Philippines still take the cake. English is one of the nation’s two official languages, and a large percentage of the population is proficient in the language and perfectly capable of maintaining both a professional and conversational tone. Because the US colonised the Philippines for almost 50 years before it achieved independence in 1946, many generations of Americans still make up the population. For this reason, the average citizen in the Philippines is strongly tied to Western culture. Shared education and freedoms help your customers to connect easily with your outsourcing providers in the Philippines. This cultural compatibility creates a valuable sense of comfort for your brand experience.

    “Besides these similarities, Philippine work culture brings even more advantages to a customer support operation. Although customer support jobs are not so desirable in Australia, people in the Philippines take a lot of pride in their employment and ability to provide for their families. Your Filipino team is likelier to take their jobs seriously, not as a transition to the next opportunity, and they are much more likely to display the hard work and dedication to exceed your company’s standards,” says Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global.

    Not only is the talent pool proud and highly motivated, but they have the infrastructural support behind them. Outsourcing to the Philippines brings the additional advantage of governmental encouragement. The authorities have set up BPO coursework at various local institutions. This means the people working at Philippine outsourcing providers likely have prior experience and education in telecommunication, customer relationship management systems, eCommerce, and more. The country is also home to a Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). TESDA brings in funding for call-center training centers and provides tax incentives that motivate foreign investment. In addition, the National Information and Communication Technology Confederation of the Philippines keeps the industry booming and efficient.

    Finding the right outsourcing company just takes research. What is each provider’s expertise, services, and reputation? With about 800 BPO companies in the Philippines, you will doubtless find a match that aligns with your company’s specific values and vision. After identifying potential vendors, make sure to question their technological capabilities, history of achievement with other clients, onboarding process, and more. Different vendors will of course come with different levels of investment, but with significantly lower labour costs than in Australia and other Western countries, you should be able to connect with multiple affordable options to strike a good deal.

    Whether you are outsourcing for a call centre, back office, automated processes, chatbots, or more, the Philippines will help you make first impressions your first priority, all while cutting costs, reducing the time spent on routine tasks, and clearing the way for your company to focus on your true expertise.

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