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    Can a virtual phone system help your business, and if so, how?

    A virtual phone system is not a new technology by any means; however, you would be surprised by how many companies out there have not adapted and utilized it and continue to use traditional systems. Before we proceed in this article about whether a virtual phone system can help your business and how, it is important to define both different types of systems.

    A traditional system will use hardware which needs to be purchased and installed into a desk. The hardware will also need to be wired into a building, in order to be able to connect to the phone lines. All of this can often have an expensive upfront price tag attached to it, and scalability can be complex.

    A virtual phone system is, by nature, digitally based. It is a platform which is installed onto a computer, phone, tablet, etc. and can then be used to contact other users whether that be through an account or a mobile number. Installation of a virtual phone system is quick and easy, and scalability is not an issue.

    Now that the definitions are out there, it may seem a little obvious as to how it can help a business, but we will explain anyway.

    Connect callers easily

    With a virtual phone system, you are able to connect callers to the right person very easily. You will be able to set up a voice automated service which the caller can interact with and press buttons to follow a path leading them to who they need to be connected with. You are probably familiar with these types of services, as the majority of large companies and government services will utilize them to make calls much more time efficient. Using this type of service will also make your company look much more professional and can help to give you a competitive advantage over others.

    Can be accessed anywhere

    When you use a virtual phone system, you are able to access the platform from anywhere, as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection. Traditional systems involve you having to be at an existing location where the hardware is located and moving from this area means you cannot make or receive calls for that number. With a virtual phone system, you are able to make and receive calls anywhere with a device and Internet. Many business owners and businesspeople are fast paced, on the move individuals who move to different locations often. This makes these types of platforms perfect for them as they are able to make and receive their business calls from their device regardless of where they are.

    Call forwarding and routing

    Call forwarding and routing is something that can only be done efficiently and effectively on a virtual phone system. When a call is received, it can be then delivered to the correct person through others. The virtual phone system will allow the number to be displayed and the number can then be rerouted to the right person. Additionally, there is further functionality available with calls to a certain number can then be rerouted to another. None of this is possible with a traditional system or is at least not very easy to do at all. A virtual phone system makes all of this easy.

    Overall, a virtual phone system is very helpful to a business due to the efficiency and functionality it brings. From caller connections to caller forwarding and rerouting and the ability to be accessed from just about anywhere with a device and Internet, these platforms are definitely the way to go.

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